Patiala Babes 3rd September 2019 Written Episode Updates: Lovely makes Babita uncomfortable

In Patiala Babes 3rd September 2019 episode, Ashok's sister Lovely will come at Hanuman's house with her husband.

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In the previous episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes, we have seen Mickey showing the wedding card sample to Babita and Hanuman. Mickey lightened up everyone’s mood by cracking a joke while Mini seemed irritated. He then showed everyone a beautiful wedding card, and everyone liked it. Mini’s grandfather asked whose names will be mentioned in the RSVP section of the wedding invitation card.

Mickey teased Mini by saying she will be treated like a sandwich in the future. After Haldi function Mini and her dear babes went into their room to sleep. Mini told her mother that she had arranged two functions for tomorrow, Chunni Chadhai and Roka. She went on to say that she has selected some clothes and jewelry for her mother and asked Babita if she tried them yet. Babita told her that she had tried all the clothes and jewelry and that she had selected them.

Babita asked Mini if she bought new clothes for the functions. The two had a mother-daughter talk. Mini asked Babita if she’s happy with everything. Babita broke down in tears and told Mini that she’s really very happy. She went on to say that she’s scared and that she cannot explain this fear to her. Mini tried to calm down her babes, and the two hugged each other. Next morning, Mini saw her Hanuman uncle doing some exercise. Mini talked to Hanuman uncle; she shared her concern about her mother. She said that Babita is behaving very weird, she smiles at the moment and cries next second.

Hanuman tried to put some sense into Mini, who seemed really disturbed. He said her mother is going through several emotional phases. Mini said that it is not that much normal and that she’s worried for her mother. Mini asked if they can reduce Babita’s pain, which she’s carrying in her heart. Hanuman said that they can give her much love and support and that they can make her believe that they are with her without judging her and without asking her anything.

In Patiala Babes 3rd September 2019 episode, Ashok’s sister Lovely will come at Hanuman’s house with her husband. Viewers will get to see how she will make Babita uncomfortable with her words while Mini will get irritated by her behavior. There is so much going on in your favorite drama TV show. Stay tuned for all the latest updates of TV and written episodes.


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