Patiala Babes 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: 1st Day Episode

Babes Latest Episode Written Updates 22nd July 2019: Hanuman-Babita to sacrifice their love!

Patiala Babes is one of the new upcoming serial. This is the beautiful and lovely story of a mother and a daughter. They have special and unique bonding. Patiala Babes come on the Zee Tv. From Tuesday onwards the show starts.

Most viewers of the serial Patiala Babes comments that they like the first episode of the serial. Patiala Babes written episode update 28th November 2018, serial begins with Minnie Khurana describes her views about her hometown that is Patiala.  After this, she introduces her Miji Shammiji who is busy doing Pooja.

Daadaji flirts with Daadi while playing carom with is a friend. Minnie said her daddu that he is very strict and even Lovely bua is afraid of him. Lovely comes on the terrace to dry clothes. Minnie says that she is married but stays in her parent’s house as she loves their locality.

Lovely fights with neighbour Rano to dry clothes on a terrace. Then she introduces her mother/babes/Babita who is busy happily preparing lassi and takes it to a terrace. Rano and Lovely both stop fighting to enjoy lassi, but starts fighting again.

Related imageBabes solve their fights and go down to meet the cooler mechanic who fools her. Minnie is with her friends Preet taking video of the whole prank and enjoy watching flying the aeroplane. She also dreams about flying describing her dreams.

Preet asks why did not she become an air hostess. Minnie replies that she wants to travel. Preet asks if she is ready to leave her Babes alone. Minnie said that her papaji returns. Preet said her papaji is staying in London for 17 years, will he really returns.

Minnie said her papaji and Babes love story is unique. Long distance one which is not so easy to follow. Preet said her papaji does not care. Minnie warns to stop, else she will fight with her. Babes look at her husband Ashok’s photo.

Upcoming of the serial Patiala Babes: Lovely speaks to Ashok and informs a family that he is coming tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. Ashok directly goes to his girlfriend’s house who asks informs about her to the family.


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