Patiala Babes is a new and one of the most popular TV show on Sony TV. The show has created its special place in viewers’ hearts in a short period of time. The show is getting more and more interesting day by day and attracting more and more viewers. In the latest episode of Patiala Babes, Hanuman Singh realizes that he has true feelings for Babita and decides to confess his feelings for her in front of her. The love is in the air! Hanuman realizes that Babita is his dream partner, who has all the quality in her. He decides to get tell her how much he loves her.

In Sony TV show Patiala Babes 28th May 2019 episode, somewhere he was confidence that Babita will accept his proposal. But not everything goes according to his plan. Hanuman comes to her and tells her what he feels for her. But Babita refuses his proposal that leads Hanuman to a heartbreak. He doesn’t show Babita that he’s hurt but he feels bad for himself after getting rejected by Babita. It would be very interesting to see if Babita will change her mind or what will be her final decision. There is so much drama going on in the Sony TV show Patiala Babes and you cannot miss it if you are a true fan of the show.

Viewers are excited to know the upcoming twist of the story while many fans are wondering what if Babita accepts his proposal. We all know that Hanuman is a super nice person and very genuine when it comes to his emotions and feelings. Fans are excited to see if Babita will change her mind and accept the proposal of Hanuman. It would be very interesting to see what twist will come in the show after Hanuman’s proposal. What will happen? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite Sony TV show, Patiala Babes, and written episodes.


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