In the previous episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes, Hanuman Singh tells Meeta that she should get divorced from Ashok and file an FIR against Ashok in charge of domestic violence. Hanuman gives sympathy to Meeta during which she holds his hand and starts crying. Babita gets a little jealous by seeing this. Later, she thinks of what Hanuman’s mother has told her about him. She notices Hanuman making tea for himself and comes downstairs. She offers a cup of tea to Hanuman. Hanuman asks her why she made tea for him. She asks him, “Why? Won’t you drink the tea I make?” He praises her for her tea-making skills.

He goes on to say that he doesn’t like troubling anyone every day. Babita asks him is she “anyone” for him now. Hanuman says that his relationship is not defied with her yet and that there is a lot of confusion in the relation. Babita says that she doesn’t know about these relationships but she will prepare food for him. She says that there is no more ifs and buts and her decision is final. She scolds him over messing up the kitchen. Hanuman thinks in his head that first her former wife Imarti would scold him and now Babita is scolding him.

Babita asks Hanuman if Meeta agreed to file a complaint against Ashok. She says if she isn’t complaining then she should go back to her parents as soon as possible. She adds that she’s saying this so Hanuman won’t face any inconvenience. Worried Babita says she already snatched so much from her and she won’t let her do it again. Babita directly asks Meeta if she’s going to give a divorce to Ashok. Meeta says that she hasn’t thought about it yet. In Sony TV show Patiala Babes 27th June 2019 episode, Babita arrives at Ashok’s home. Babita, who used to silent in front of Ashok, gives him a tight slap on his face.


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