Patiala Babes is one of the most loving TV serials. The show airs on Zee TV. Patiala Babes is an Indian drama television series starring Paridhi Sharma and ashnoor Kaur. This show Patiala Babes revolves around the bond shared between a mother and daughter. The serial Patiala Babes gave high voltage to there viewers. The show has so many followers who follow daily update.

Today’s episode is all about the Babita and Minnie celebrate the festival of Holi. Patiala Babes 25th March 2019, written episode update begins with Minnie put multiple of colours on her mother Babita and said that it is for her courage, brighter future, and so forth. Then she wishes happy holi in the air. Hanuman with Laala put the colours of Holi on them from the balcony. In the locality, Khatri performs holi with Madhu wife of Katar’s.

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Kittu walks in with Khatri’s wife Kammo and asks if the uncle is so much drunk below bhang effect that he is playing Holi with different women. After knowing this Kammo scolds Madhu and sends her away. Minnie told Babita that whole locality is playing Holi, allow us to additionally play Holi. Babita said to Minnie that boys are mischievous are wondering outdoor, she will now let Minnie exit. Preet whispers in Minnie’s ears that Kitto would come to satisfy her, how she will if they do not exist.

Minnie insists her mother Babita and said that she used to play Holi in their old friends. Babita said in a very soft voice that she had Dadaji there to shield her, so she cannot take any kind of risk. Laala hears all the conversation and said that he will take girls out and could now allow anybody around them. After listening this Babita agrees.

Upcoming Patiala Babes 26th March 2019: Babita and Minnie both play Holi and dance on roads. Laala asks Hanuman that Babita did no longer observe holi on Khatri as he is a bad man. He also asked Hanuman that why did not Babita play Holi with Hanuman.


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