In the previous episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes, Babita’s mother-in-law asked her to rethink about Hanuman Singh. She said to Babita that she could not raise Mini alone as she also needs a father. Babita asked her mother-in-law if she isn’t able to raise her daughter. Her mother-in-law said in response that Mini also needs her father’s care and love along with mom’s love. Babita said that Mini says they don’t need anyone. Her mother-in-law tried to put some sense into Babita by saying that she has a long life ahead and that she also needs a life partner. She asked Babita to find out what Hanuman thinks of her.

On the other hand, an attending nurse told Mini that she would be discharged today. The nurse asked Mini about her father; she thought Hanuman is Mini’s father as he showed much care and love for her. Later, Mini recollected all the moments she and her Hanuman’s uncle spent together. Hanuman came into Mini’s room in the hospital. He said to her that she’s quite weak right now and she can go anywhere after recovering from the weakness. He confessed her feelings and praised Mini for being Babita’s coach after Babita and Ashok’s separation.

In Patiala Babes 24th July 2019 episode, Hanuman Singh thinks that he is a reason behind Mini’s condition. He blames himself for everything. There is so much high-voltage drama going on the Sony TV serial. Babita is worried since Mini got admitted to the hospital, she is worried about her dear daughter’s health. However, Babita isn’t the only one who is concerned for Mini as Mini’s Hanuman uncle is also tensed because of her health. In the upcoming track of the show, viewers will see Hanuman blaming himself for Mini’s bad condition, but Babita supports Hanuman and consoles him. She says to Hanuman that there is nothing like that and that he is not a reason behind Mini’s bad condition. Babita says to Hanuman that he’s so supportive for Mini always. Hanuman gets emotional after listening to Babita.


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