In the previous episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes, we have seen how Babita surprised Mini with a new TV. Naeem Bi said that she will ask Babita to install AC in the shop. Babita arrived at the shop and told Naeem Bi that their new corporate clients want to change the menu since it is monsoon so they wany spicy food. Mickey dropped Mini at her mother’s shop during which Mickey’s bike skid when he applied brake and Khatri got dirty.

Later, Khatri made an issue about it, saying that young boys ride the bike fast to impress girls. He went on to say that Mini is famous all over Patiala as she keeps wandering everywhere alone with the boys, so she earns a bad reputation. He said the entire Patiala saw it yesterday on the TV the gestures shared between Babita and Hanuman Singh. Khatri teased Babita by singing a love song. Mini asked Khatri not to pressurize his tiny brain as Babita and Hanuman shares a friendship bond that is beyond his understanding.

Mini asked Mickey to leave from there. Babita got upset over what Khatri said about her and Hanuman. Mini and Mickey arrived home, where Mickey told her that he thought about Preet, but Mini didn’t pay attention to what Mickey said. She then found an audio file on her laptop. She played the audio of Hanuman and Lalit’s conversation in which Hanuman could be heard saying that the trust in the relationship between him and Babita is the truth. Hanuman has confessed his love for Babita in the audio.

Mini met an emotional breakdown after listening to the audio in which Hanuman confessed her love for her mother, Babita. Mini locked herself in a room thinking that they will never be able to stay like before. She said while crying that Hanuman has ruined everything for them. Hanuman arranged a surprise for Babita and Mini as he brought mangoes. He called Mini downstairs. Hanuman surprised her with juicy mangoes, but Mini seemed upset. Mini asked him why he brought so many mangoes? She asked him why Hanuman is so generous towards her mother. Mini got at Hanuman.

In Patiala Babes 18th July 2019 episode, Mini will calm herself down and will help Hanuman to win Babita’s love. Yes, Mini will become a love guru for her sweet Hanuman uncle. She will become a love hero in Hanuman and Babita’s love story. Everything will get change in the latest episode of the show as Mini will bring Hanuman and Babita closer. Mini will realize that her mother too deserves a happy life and that Babita should move on in her life. It would be very interesting to see how Mini will help her Hanuman uncle and Babita coming closer. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Sony TV show Patiala Babes and written episodes.


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