In the previous episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes, we have seen how Mickey ignores Mini in a fine morning. Mini asks Mickey to come to her home, but he simply ignores her. Naeem Bi notices the whole incident and calls Mini and asks what is wrong with Mickey and why he ignored her. Naeem Bi asks Mini what the matter with her and Mickey is. Mini tells her that her father was at home the other day and her mood wasn’t good at all and that she vent out all her frustration on Mickey and Preet. She says that both Mickey and Preet are upset with her. Naeem Bi asks Mini to apologizes to them. Mini tells her that she has apologized to them several time. She says that both of them are badly hurt this time.

Mini shares that she’s is feeling very guilty as she has hurt her friends. Naeem Bi says that they are her friends and that if they get angry, then they will calm down as well. On the other hand, Babita plans a surprise for her daughter, Mini and her in-laws. She brings a new TV home with the help of Hanuman. Hanuman asks Babita why did she buy a TV all of a sudden? She tells him that yesterday when some interviewers were here, she didn’t like the way they behaved with her dear daughter, Mini. She says that she knows that hurt her sentiments. Babita wants to surprise her daughter with the new TV and make her happy.

In Sony TV show Patiala Babes 17th July 2019 episode, Mini gets to know about her mother Babita and Hanuman Singh’s love bond. Mini, who loves her Hanuman uncle so much, meets with an emotional breakdown. Her love for Hanuman turns into the hatred after learning that he loves her mother, Babita. Hanuman witnesses Mini’s anger as she learns that Hanuman is dreaming about marrying Babita. Yes, Mini gets to know that her Hanuman uncle is madly in love with her babes, Babita and that her mother also likes Hanuman very much.

The teenage Mini, who is very much affected by her parents’ divorce, just cannot accept Hanuman and Babita’s love bond. In the upcoming track of the show, viewers will see how Mini’s behavior will get change towards Hanuman. Will Mini separate Babita and Hanuman or will she bring them closer? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Sony TV show Patiala Babes and written episodes.


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