In the previous episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes, we have seen how Babita explained to Hanuman Singh that life is simple and that its they who make life complicated. Babita said that we live our lives with mixed emotions and that we don’t live freely as we end up living our life with fear and problems. She told Hanuman that she’s is and that she wants to stay happy always. Babita taught Hanuman how to make mango ice cream.

Next morning, Babita served chilled mango ice cream to Hanuman. We all can see the love in Hanuman’s eyes for Babita when he looks at her every time. Babita was serving mango ice cream to Hanuman but her father-in-law picked the ice-cream up and left from there. He asked Babita if she made the ice cream especially for him. Babita told him that she has made it for him. He then told Babita that Ashok went back to London yesterday and that he said he will send money for her ticket in some days. He went on to say that Ashok was very remorseful and that he might come to his senses.

Ashok’s father told Babita that Ashok had promised to his mother that he will reform for Meeta and their upcoming baby. He also praised Hanuman for keeping Ashok locked up in jail for two days. He asked Babita about her future plans that put her into a dilemma. He asked Babita to get marry someone as she has a long life ahead. But Babita said that she isn’t seeking a companion at present. She shared that she can think only about Mini at present. Later, Mini confronted Preet, who got made at Mini.

In Sony TV show Patiala Babes 15th July 2019 episode, a TV reporter Mehar contacts Babita to take her interview for their TV show Patiala Ke Heere. Babita tells Mini about it after which Mini encourages her babes to go for it. Babita says yes for the interview. Later, the interview takes place, where Babita seems nervous. The reporter asks Babita about her and Hanuman’s relationship. Babita asks what she should say about it. The reporter asks her to describe bond she and Hamuman share. How Babita will describe her and Hanuman’s relationship? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite TV show Patiala Babes and written episodes.


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