In the previous episode of Sony TV Patiala Babes, Mini confessed her feeling for Mickey during mic testing. She said that Mickey is her best friend. Hanuman asked Babita if Mickey and Mini are friends. He asked about her opinion on friendship. Babita beautifully defined friendship to Hanuman while he got lost into her words. Hanuman helped Babita in preparing for cooking, just then a power cut happened. Hanuman’s friend teased him over friendship with Babita. He told his friend that Babita has cleared everything that her and Hanuman’s relation of friendship is very special.

Hanuman said the trust in their friendship is true and that his love for Babita is true. His audio got auto-saved into Mini’s laptop. Next morning, Babita and Mini had a word about their catering business. Mini brought food made by Babita for her grandparents on the auspicious occasion of her grandparents’ anniversary. Her grandparents got happy to know that Mini and Babita didn’t forget their anniversary. Mini’s grandmother asked her, ‘Where is Babita?’ Mini replied that Babita was about to come there but she had a last minute important delivery due to which she didn’t come. Mini called her mother and told her that her grandparents wanted to talk to her.

Babita talked to her mother-in-law and father-in-law and wished them a happy anniversary. Mini also brought a cake for her grandparents and made them cut the cake. Mini celebrated her grandparents’ anniversary with them happily. On the other hand, Meeta asked Ashok to spend some quality time with her and asked her to go on a getaway. Ashok told her that they don’t have money for travelling. Meeta said that she has some saving in her bank account in London and that they can use that money. Ashok and Meeta got into a fight. Meeta told Ashok that their relationship is still running because of her and there is 0 effort of him in their relationship. Meeta cried and called Ashok a selfish person. Mini and her grandparents witnessed an argument between Ashok and Meeta. Ashok pushed Meeta and she fell into the arms of Mini. What will happen next in Sony TV show Patiala Babes? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite TV show and written episodes.


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