In the latest episode of Patiala, Babes Mini cries in front of her mother. Babita consoles her and says no relationship will trouble them now and they are free. Hanuman Singh was standing there and listening to the conversation. At Nayem Bi’s house, Biji and Dadaji were eagerly waiting for Ashok. Dadaji says she should not expect anything from Babita. Ashok returns Biji asked him what happened at Babita’s house and if he apologized Babita. Ashok regrets whatever he has done to Babita and he says there is nothing left now.

He said Biji, Babita has changed and she did not forgive him, she wants him not to interfere in her and mini’s life. Dadaji took Ashok’s side and said he is saying the right things for the first time. Ashok says Babita does not want him to stay here, so she gave him London tickets. Biji asks him when he is going to London. He told them he is going tonight and wants to give love to Mita’s child, which he could not provide to Mini.

Hanuman Singh and Laala get heavily intoxicated, sitting in front of Babita’s new shop. He shared his feelings with Laala. He told Laala that he is feeling very light today. They both reach home. Babita angrily looked at them. She asked them did they both drink today also. She knows who is commanding here. Hanuman Singh went and slept on a sofa. Babita scolds him to have some food and then sleep. Babita gets some food for him. Hanuman Singh asks why Babita cares for him soo much.

She says who else will care for him and then gets nervous. Hanuman Singh looks at her with wide open eyes. Babita then kept the food plate in front of him and asks him, Is the salt okay? Hanuman Singh asks if she wants to say something? He then says that she has finished this huge chapter in one go. While Babita was going to sleep, Ashok stops her and says, she should not keep her feelings inside that will be bad for health.

Babita then goes to sleep and tells Mini how she feels like a free bird. She said Mini, Ashok has dominated them and she felt that she was not giving that ticket to Ashok instead, she was freeing herself with that ticket. She remembers the days when she was a free bird she used to dance freely on Lohri etc. Hanuman Singh heard her anklet sound and walked towards her room. Seeing Hanuman Singh, she gets conscious and said she wants to make ice cream. He asks at this time? He further asks her what ingredients he should bring for her?

Babita then told HS to take everything away. HS said to her that he thinks that she is feeling sleepy as she seems a little confused since morning. He then suggested her to make Ice Cream in the morning and tell her to sleep now. She said HS she is not feeling confused; she just wanted to get rid of all the confusions. In the next episode, Dadaji asks Babita about her plan for a second marriage. He suggested that she might feel lonely and she should think about her future. To know more updates stay tuned with us.


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