Meghna goes to the market to show her stitch dress samples to shop Founder and get an order. She calls Mandar and asks where is a shop. Mandar explains address and says store owner is his old business’s client. Meghna reaches store and shows her dress sample to Founder. Manders old boss already presents there taunts her and says Mandar sent to grab his orders Meghna says she does not want any competition and is not to take over someone’s business, he sells pant shirt and sells frocks, there is no competition between them.

Kangana hugs Amar. Amar pushes her And Asks to check place before hugging. She says he is ignoring her And does not love her anymore. He says he loves her still a lot and even remembers their first meeting, 2.45 hours they spent in the coffee shop. Bill Amount, Etc.. She says he is so afraid of Mota pappa and is just following his orders, Mota Pappa is pushing innocent towards her. Amar warns to shut up.

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Punith meets Meghna and says he has spoken to his CA who will get All legal papers of her company. Meghna thanks him for his help. He asks how my shops did she attend. She says 8 and 1 already took her sample and promise to inform decision after 2-3 days. Punith says that is good news. Meghna leaves. Punith walks toward his car when agent pins with goons and orders goona to trash him well, but not leave any external injuries. He says he had Meghna’s 3lakh and his 2 lakh which Punith tooks, so he should return 2 lakh.

Punith says there were only 3lakh and his 2lakh  which punith took, so he should return 2lakhs, Punith says there were only 3lakh and he gave them to Meghna. Goons continue physically harassing him. Meghna gets Prarthana calls and says she was about to call her, Punith is a very good boy and he solved all her problems, she wants to thank him. Prarthana says he is coming to her office in some time, she will thank him on Meghna’s behalf Punith reaches her office. She says is proud of Punith seeing his hard work. Punith collapses unable to bear pain, and she rushes to him.


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