It has been officially announced that the cricketers Mitchell Starc and Glenn Maxwell are not going to be a part of the ODI series opener against India which is going to happen in Mohali, Punjabi, India which is led as the final to the World Cup 2023. They are not going to play in this World Cup because they are not physically fit. recently they both went into the physical test which they both failed. And being fit is very important in the world of cricket. As we know World Cup is going to start next month so it is very important to remove the unfit players from the team. Read this article till the end.

pat cummins
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According to the source, it is confirmed that the captain Pat Cummins is going to play in the three-match series. Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, and Glenn Maxwell are part of a group of senior players. They all are returning from their injuries. They both have kept in the South Africa series. It has been reported that Mitchell has been recovering from an injury in the Ashes on the other hand Glenn was on paternity leave and he has left South Africa with his ankle soreness he is now going to join the team on Friday. Keep reading.

Pat Cummins has also recovered from an injury he suffered with a wrist injury. It is claimed that he might going to play in all three matches and it is hoped that Steven Smith is also going to return after recovering from a wrist injury after the Ashes. It is not sure whether Maxwell can sustain in ODI cricket or not. He recently claimed that he needs to be very clear and smart about how he is going to approach the game despite the World Cup. Last year he was badly injured as he badly broke his leg last year. Scroll down to the next paragraph.

The team has to strike a balance between the conditions to win the game. Cummins said that he didn’t want the get to that first game and it not should be already cooked. He further added that there is no doubt that they will are going to try some new combinations and this time they are going to give a chance to different players. he is a captain he has all the responsibilities and it is very difficult for him right now.


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