What Happened To Pastor John Gay? Hospitalized and Health Update!: Suddenly numerous stories started traveling on the internet regarding the death rumors of former Lakewood associate pastor John Gray. Yes, various reports are claiming the former pastor at Houston’s Lakewood Church is no more. But we are preparing this piece to debunk the news of John Gray’s death. The former pastor is still alive. Every claim and news regarding his demise are bogus. But what added fuel to the rumors of John Gray’s demise? This might be the most talked-about question regarding him right now. According to the source, the former pastor is currently in hospital. Fetch further details of this story in the next section of the article. Kindly drag down the screen and take a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Pastor John Gay Hospitalized

What Happened To Pastor John Gay?

We have got to know that the former pastor of Lakewood Church located in Houston is in the hospital where he was fighting a rare kind of disease. We will reveal John Gray’s disease later in the section. The news of his bad health was shared and confirmed by the pastor’s wife named Aventer. According to the source, Aventer shared this news by using her Insta handle. Reportedly, she shared about her husband’s illness on Thursday night last week. This is the reason we are debunking the death news of John Gray. He is still alive and being treated in a hospital. Let’s take a look below for more details about former pastor Lakewood Church and his illness.

Pastor John Gay Hospitalized

Aventer explained on social media that her husband John Gray has been taken to the hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit on Thursday night. But what led him to admit to the emergency room? According to Aventer, he is struggling with a rare kind of blockage in his lungs. As per the medical team, he is with a saddle pulmonary embolism in the pulmonary artery and blood clots in the lungs.

Aventer said that the blood clot is a severe burden and only God is holding it in place. She also revealed that John Gray will undergo two surgeries in the next 24 hours as the blood clots are increasing pressure on his heart. If we sum it up, the former pastor of the Lakewood church is fighting for his life in a hospital. At this time he needs both, prayers and medical care to win this battle. Stay tuned to this page for more.


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