Bollywood’s handsome actor John Abraham’s latest movie ‘Parmanu’ was released on 25th may 2018 and proved to be a hit film as it was a perception that, it would be considered as a hit film if it crosses Rs.55 crore and till today it has earned Rs.  56.79 crore.

This film is based on 1998 nuclear test at Pokhran ( Rajasthan) by the Indian army to make India as a nuclear powered country.
Their great effort and hard work are shown in this hit movie. Earlier it was declared to release it on 8th December 2017 but due to some clashes and issues with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’ s Padmavat, it was postponed to 25th May 2018 on large scale in Indian cinema.
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    The expected budget of this film is Rs.45 crore( production cost: Rs 35 crore and Prints and publicity cost : Rs 10 crore).
    This film on its first day of release earned Rs.4.82 crore ,in first week: Rs 35.41 crore and in second week it earns Rs 50.55 crore.

    Day wise Box Office Collection:

    Day1- 4.82 Crore

    Day2- 7.64 Crore

    Day3- 8.32 Crore

    Day4- 4.10 Crore

    Day5- 3.81 Crore

    Day6- 3.48 Crore

    Day7- 3.24 Crore

    Day8- 2.25 Crore

    Day9- 3.56 Crore

    Day10- 4.53 Crore

    Day11- 1.79 Crore

    Day12- 1.64 Crore

    Day13- 1.57 Crore

    Day14- 1.28 Crore

    Day15- 0.93 Crore

    Day16- 1.53 Crore

    Day17- 1.74 Crore

    Total- 56.79 Crore

    Mr. Adarsh said that ‘Parmanu’ s performance is affected due to limited promotion. This film has extraordinary reviews from critics and fans too.
    And film critic Sahil Chatterjee in his reviews for NDTV  gave 1.5 stars out of 5 to this film.


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