Today, The first budget session of parliament happens in this decade. Our President, Ram Nath Kovind has started the session with clear instruction which is strict observations of restrictions for coronavirus, and also instructed all the members of both houses to seated in the three locations. Ram Nath Kovind starts the session by giving wishes to Central Government for their best decision on time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision was to implement the lockdown in the city. Because of this decision, We could be able to save the lives of our citizens.

Ram Nath Govind

Ram Nath Govind also noted that the new coronavirus named Bird flu cases also goes down in our city. He also gives tribute to those who deceased due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ram Nath Kovind said that this is a new year and new decade also, We are entering into the 75th independence. He said that today all the MPs are there which shows our togetherness and trust, which we have for each other. It shows that however tough situation, we go through. We always faced this together. He added that In this fight of Pandemic, we lost many citizens of our country. Former President Pranab Mukharjee also passed away in 2020. we also lost our six MPs untimely due to this pandemic.

Talkin about the Corona vaccine, Ram Nath Kovind said that it’s a matter of great pride that India organizes the biggest vaccination program all over the world. The vaccination of this program is made in India. In this fight against coronavirus, India shows its mankind. India sends lakhs of doses of vaccine to many countries. President said, under Ayushman Bharat Yojana, lots of good facilities have been provided in the 24,000 hospitals all over the nation. Through this Yojana, The poor people of the country are getting medicines at very low costs.

Apart from this, he also talks about the violence on Republic Day. The violence which happens by the farmers, he called it’s a very unfortunate incident. He said that our  Constitution gives us the freedom to express the thoughts, the same constitution also said that we should follow all the laws, rules, and regulations seriously. The first part of the budget session will continue on January 15. The second budget session will be scheduled from March 8 to April 8. To know more, Stay connected with us.


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