WATCH: Parachute Regiment Video Clips Goes Viral On Social Media: On 18th June, the British Army canceled the Parachute Regiment Balkans Formation to the western Balkan Peninsula of Europe Bosnia and Kosovo, which is bordered by Serbia’s north and east sides. According to the reports, the decision to the cancelation the deployment was sequenced after a video of the paratroopers got released. The released video of the paratroopers has now become a topic to be discussed, because the video shows, that the service members are seen practicing sexual activities with the women. Follow For More Updates

Parachute Regiment Video

Parachute Regiment Video

Around three of the service members from the formation of 300 service members, can be seen in the video performing some unethical acts of animalistic. The 300 service members had come to the Balkan countries in the month of September.

Lieutenant General Andrew Harrison, who is now serving as the British Army Chief and the Commandant of the Colonel of the Parachute Regiment speaking over the matter has said, that he has lost his trust for this time, in the 3rd Unit of the battalion.

The British Army Chief said, on 18 June, the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders decided to remove the three Paratroopers from the registration of the formation of Kosovo now. All the three Paratroopers have incredible positions in the service of the nation, and once they lose the chance to complete their tasks in service of the Balkans then every member of the service will be distressed to know.

General Sir Patrick Sanders’s decision was finalized when the recent unethical acts of the Paratroops in response to the Exercise Swift Response, in the Merville Barracks. Even the three Paratroops have totally accepted, that they have lost the trust temporarily from General Sir Patrick Sanders.

The offender Paratroops will have to reflect and adjust their behaviors for the culture which manages the positions and the effects on the operations of the exceptional battalion. Paratroopers have surrendered themselves to the authorities for the completion of the operations. The other Paratroopers filmed the three Paratroopers having to do a sexual activity with a woman who is not a part of the military.

According to the letter released by General Sir Patrick Sanders says, the case of the three Paratroops who were allegedly involved in sexual activity with a civilian woman, was investigated by the Royal Military Police, but they found no crime with anyone shown in the video. But still, the released video offended the reputation of the Army, and the Paratroopers’ behavior is totally unacceptable.


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