Here we are again with the written update of Pandya Store,28th May 2022. The episode starts with Kalyani getting angry that how Pandyas try to spoil their image in front of Dev And Rishita. She asks Kamini to tell them the truth. Janardhan says that he has a recording of his and Gautam that he offered the job to Gautam. Kamini, says that they are now overconfident and that they are sure that they will win this. But they will make the mistake and we have to keep patience with that.

Pandya Store 28th May 2022 Written Update

Ravi gets to know from Dhara that Banni is coming for Shivji Darshan. Banni reaches with the tiffin and enters the Pandya store with ego and attitude. She asks where is Suman, she felt bad after hearing that her health is not good, and she says she will first go to Suman and make her eat the food on her own. She tells her she has a business catering and different variety of foods are available. Dhara says, it’s Banni’s dream and wants Suman’s help.

Pandyas comes to Janardhan’s house, Shiva says that have to do something. Gautam says that they made Rishita cry, now we will make Dev cry. Kalyani sees Pandyas coming into the house. Ravi asks Shiva to take her in the car, but Shiva says she needs to take permission for that. Shiva says that he can’t accept more insults from Kamini, if she again misbehaves with them again, she will not tolerate that again. Rishita comes into the kitchen and sees there is a list of dishes on the fridge. Rishita hugs Dhara and gets emotional, saying that in this situation also she is taking care of her.

Kalyani comes to Dhara to tell her that she has to iron the clothes, Rishita asks, why she has to do this, and Kamini says, it costs them a lot, Dhara agrees. Ravi comes, Dhara says him to bring vegetables, and give her money and then she leaves. Dhara irons the clothes, Kamini comes and puts her hand on the hot iron box, intentionally and shouts. Everyone comes and asks her why she screamed, Kamini says, Dhara has put the iron in her hand, intentionally, she is angry with me and she takes revenge on me by doing this. Dev and Rishita got shocked and ask her did she really did that. The episode ends.


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