Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode of the most prominent show Pandya Store. This show is very interesting and entertaining and people love to watch this episode. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with  Gautam shouting at Janardhan. His imagination ends. He looks around and leaves. Shiva asks Krish whether he can do this or not. Krish looks do fun with him. Shiva asks Krish for help. Krish asks him to listen to him, Ten people will be selected and then one will be the winner, he has to share the business idea, if he goes to the second round it will be good otherwise bye-bye. Krish says he has to speak in English there. He says he can’t do this, drop this plan, no use, the time is nearly over.

pandya store

Gautam runs from the robber. The man tries to rob him. Gautam fights him. He runs and comes in front of a truck. The truck hits him then he got injured on the road. Shiva calls him and says he would have taken Gautam’s help. Suman sits and feels helpless. She says his son is facing all the problems. Shiva is disturbed to think about his competition. Her daughter-in-law comes and gives Suman the money for today’s sale. She says when Dhara will come then give it to her. Ravi says this is less according to all the days due to Rishita’s new opening.

On the other hand, Rishita counts the money and gets happy she calls to Dev for explaining her happiness. Jagannath says that he said that before her that she should start her business, he added that he is not provoking her against her inlaws. You will see Raavi saying to Shiva that he can do anything with hard work.

They hear an ambulance sound. They come out to see but and they are stunned to see Gautam on the stretcher. Shiva shouts and runs to Gautam. Dhara and Hardik with him. Dhara says someone called and said about the accident. Raavi says we will take him to take inside him first. Doctor says Gautam has to take complete bed rest, he shouldn’t take any stress.  Raavi says if anything occurred to Gautam, then what would they will do.

Rishita is at the store. Krish comes and hugs her. He gives chocolates to her. She sees the store closed. She asks why didn’t the store open and he replies that there is a problem. She sends her to college. Dhara says to Shiva that she has to go home to shop to handle it. She will take care of Gautam. Dhara thinks that all are hiding something from her, and Suman thinks that they have to hide the truth from the new store. Stay tuned for more updates.


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