Here we are sharing a written update of the most prominent show. This show is running with the good TRP on television. According to the promo, the video show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Dhara asking Kamini why she is moving the lit of offering when she had already covered it. She says that someone has removed it. Rishita is about to watch the jewelry box. Kamini whispers to Dhara to talk to Dev and Rishita about coming back home.

Pandya Store 14th May 2022 Full Written Update

Kamini tries to still the box, but she doesn’t take it because Raavi is looking at her. Janardan signs his goons. He nods and leaves. Kamini sees that all are busy and their eyes are closed so she still the necklace box. On the other hand, Janardan says to Gautam that, they should go to the living room and sort out their differences. Gautam hesitates. But Janardan insists.

Janardan introduces Gaummi to some people. He gives Gautam spiked drinks and Gautam drinks them. Janardan gives him one more class. Another side all are busy in Puja’s Aarti. Here Janardan forces him to drink more, Dhara wonders where is Gautam and she sends Shiva to search for Gautam. Gautam gets intoxicated. He blabbers that he will return Dev back home. on the other side, Rishita started vomiting and she asks Dhara if she mixed Cardamom in this she says she has an allergy to it and she says that although Dhara knows about the allergy yet she did this.

Rishita says that Dhara is jealous of her child, Dhara says if Rishita is out of her mind, She asks if she thinks that she did it with bad intentions. Dev tries to stop and says that we should talk later about this. Dhara recalls Kamini removing the lit and tells Rishita to question Kamini, who was offering. She says that this was her plan for Kamini to make her wrong in front of Rishita. Kamini says that Dhara is trying to accuse her when she has been caught.

Dhara says she is not accusing Kamini, but saying that it is possible. Dhara says that she didn’t do it, She has bought her mother’s necklace to give Rishita. Then Dhara sees that the box is empty. Dhara gets shocked to see this then Kamini says that she has insulated Rishita to give this empty box. Suman says that she instructs her to not give her mother’s last souvenir to Rishita, now to find it. She says that saw it.

Dhara tries to search for the necklace. Dev asks what is occurring here. Kamini tries to provoke. Dhara asks her not to put the oil in the fire.  She says that the necklace was in the box. Rishita shouts to stop. Dhara cries and says that she is saying the truth, she says that every time she thinks to unite the family. Dev shouts stop all this and added that Puja has organized for their child and now the Puja got spoiled and asks Dhara now what she wants to do.

Dhara cries to think that she failed to unite the family. Shiva finds Gautam, who is taking that he will take Dev returns home. Janardan says show this Drama in your house. Shiva shuts his mouth and leaves from here. Dhara says that she wants to check the CCTV footage of this room. She tells Rishita that she really brought the necklace to give her and she wants it now at any cost. Episodes end. Stay tuned for more updates.


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