Pandya Store Spoiler Alert Written Episode Update 3rd June 2022: We are here with the written update of Pandya Store on 3rd June 2022: As we saw in the previous episode Dev & Rishita comes back to Pandyas House after knowing the truth. They reach their home and see Suman and ask what happened to her, Shiva tells them the whole story. Dev & Rishita then cry and hugs her. Suman then says to them never leave us, we are now complete. Then Dev & Rishita try to make her sit in a wheelchair and she comfortably sat on that. Everyone says that they are lucky for them.

Pandya Store Spoiler Alert Written Episode Update 3rd June 2022: Rishita Comes Back To Pandaya House

Rishita says she regrets that they wasted their time at that house, she then apologizes to Dhara for her behavior but she says now everything is fine. Krish then brings a hammer and Dev says that is scared if he breaks his head with this in a funny way, But he says he brings this to break the lock of their room. They then enter the room of Dhara and Gautam and see the room needs a renovation. Pandya Store Spoiler Alert Written Episode Update 3rd June 2022

Dev says he will renovate this room, but Dhara says he doesn’t have money for this, Dev says he will just clean the room and after painting, it will become like new. They all help Dev to make Dhara’s room beautiful, At night Raavi closed the eyes of Dhara & Gautam to show them something, They see their room and get shocked that how beautiful they make their room, Kanta comes the home next morning and appreciates the work of Dhara and Rishita that they both are lucky for them.

Raavi listened to them and gets hurt and said there is another daughter in this house, they just praised them only, Kanta says you should do something if you want us to praise you, Suman then says no one can speak for her daughters, only she has the right to do so.

Krish comes to Dhara and tells her about his exam and asks for her blessings & curd. Suman then asks Raavi to do this and she gives him blessings. Raavi then brings juice for Rishita and she says that she will get ill due to this hot summer and asks her to turn on the Ac she is on the switch but that doesn’t work, she remembers she heard what that woman said about her and she says to Rishita that she is not lucky, Rishita gets shocked after listening to her. The episode ends.

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