Here we are going to share a written update of the most prominent show of the latest episode. Yes, we are talking about the most prominent show. This is running with the great TRP on television. People love to watch this serial. According to the promo video, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with, Ravi showing his report cards and these are his dreams and Shiva replies that these all are his childhood dreams.

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Shiva says to her that what is want him is that he should go to school to put the bag on his back and after ringing the bell then he should go back the home. Riva says she is not saying he to go to school she says that he can do distance study and she added that if he can take the decision not to study at that young age, now again he can take the decision to start the study.

Ravi says she is with him on this journey but Shiva refuses and asks her to return home. Ravi says if he is the Shiva Masala Pandya then she is also Ravi Shiva Masala Pandya and she will not leave his support as well until he agrees to study. You will see Dhara going to Rishita’s house but her Bua sees her and says she has to stop Dhara to meet Rishita. She pushes Dhara and stops her to meet with Rishita and says first Shiva came here and then Gummi came here but they had to go with the blank hands. Dhara was shocked to listen and she says she is giving a challenge to Bua and Dhara will take Rishita and Dev back home.

Bua says don’t forget what she had done with Dhara 1 year ago, Dahra says she didn’t forget but now she is not that Dhara, and she added that Rishita will come back again like before without your permission. Rishita hears Bua’s loud voice and is about to come there. On the other side, Dev arrives at the shop and he apologizes to Gummi for the insult and says that he has to keep quiet because of Rishita. Gummi says it is ok they can do this Rishita and then Dev cries and hug Gummi. At that time, Shiva comes there and starts aggressive behavior to say why has dev come here, and says Rishit has taught him to come here for the participation.

Dev gets angry and says that she is his Bhabhi gives her respect. Shiva gives him the 4th part of the day’s collection of the money 500 rupees. Gummi says clear the misunderstandings between them but dev says Rishita told right that all have to bear the stupidity of Shiva. Dev says when Shiva says sorry then he will come back. Suddenly gummi got to know that Supermarket is going to be open in front of their shop. Episode ends.


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