Here, we are with the written update of the Pandya store on 31st May 2022. As the episode starts with Shiva & Raavi. They both get romantic and Raavi says that she can stay hungry for her whole life for him. She says she remembers the first day she entered this house, Shiva says not to overthink and focus on how they can bring Dev and Rishita home back. Gautam brings the necklace to Dhara and they both take that necklace to Suman to recognise. Suman after seeing the necklace says that this is the same necklace we bought for Rishita.

Pandya Store 31st May 2022 Written Update

Dhara says now she will celebrate her first fast with them as she can leave them alone. Krish advise Dhara to show the necklace directly to Rishita, but Raavi denies it and says what if she again blamed her. Gautam says we know who stole this necklace and we will expose the thief. Dhara asks for two men who can steal this necklace, Shiva says he will arrange for the thieves. Suman blesses everyone. Kamini tells the plan Kalyani that when Rishita will fall down, she will doubt Dhara and they will hold her. Kalyani says she is scared what if they got caught.

Dhara and his family reach their home, where Dev asks Rishita to have some fruits, but she says this is her first fast and she kept this for him and his baby. Rishita then hugs Dhara and says you are here as my Sasural, not servants. Dhara gives her some clothes which she made on her own. Rishita loves her gift. Dhara says she brings another thing for her she shows the necklace to her and says if she wears it she will be glad. Raavi says you never gift me anything, give this necklace to me, Rishita wear that necklace on the spot.

Kamini asks, Dhara that did she like all items of puja, She says all things are well done as she did it. Kamini asks to do a rasam for Rishita’s ritual. She has to tie a thread where Rishita’s goes. Dhara never listened to this ritual and neglects to say I wish you get exposed soonly. Kamini and Kalyani both see the necklace on Rishita and get shocked. Dhara thinks that she can bring their truth with the help of this necklace. But she also doesn’t want Rishita first fast. The episode ends.


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