Here we are going to share a written update of the latest episode. This show is running with well TRP on television. Yes, we are talking about the most prominent show Pandya store. The story and characters are brilliant in the show. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with, Raavi learning that Shiva stops his study after seeing Gautam working as a laborer in their own shop. Shiva leaves from there. Raavi sees the result of Shiva and she says she can’t see him like that. On the other side, Kamini asks Rishita and Dev where they have gone morning without telling them.

Pandya Store 13th April 2022 Written Update

You will see Gautam reaches there and says to Dev to pack his and Rishita’s bags. Gautam says the matter of the should be inside and it should not go outside. Otherwise, it can be drama for the community. Rishita says that they have created the scene. Gomi says he is not stopping her to come here but this is not the right way to come here because she has come here in anger after the fight. Gommi asks her to go home but Janadan Seth says that Dev and Rishita have come here some time ago and Gommi is talking about taking them from here.

Gomi says to fold his hand that this is their family matter and they will handle it. Gommi asks to stay out of their family matter. Rishta says to Gommi that he also can’t interrupt then Dev scolds Rishita. Dev asks Gommi to leave from here and says that he will talk in the shop about this.

Jagannath says that his daughter has not said anything his brother has told him about this and he says too that he can’t let them go from here. Jagannath says Rishit’s life is in danger in their house and he says that Gommi can’t be a father so he can’t understand the father’s pain. On the other side, Maa is going to open Rishita’s room. Dhara tries to stop her from saying that Rishita will not like this.

Jagannath says he will not let Rishita go into the poverty and her baby as well if Dev wants to go so he can go but Rishita will not go from here. Gommi says both will return together otherwise no one will come back. Gommi leaves from here. Dev goes behind him but Rishita holds his hand. On the other side, Ravi goes behind Shiva, and she shows him his report cards and asks him that stops his study to help Gommi and says him that he is a diamond. Ravi says she respects him and she asks him to restart his study. Episode ends.


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