Here we are sharing a written update of the most prominent show, this show is running with the great TRP on television. People love to watch this show. The latest episode starts with, Dev thinking of Rishita and Raavi’s argument. He gets in anger and tells he understands she left the house for the baby’s sake. Rishita comes behind him, he understands as well. Dev says but how can she insult Shiva and how much is she feeling bad. Bhabhi and Maa, Ravi felt so bad. He says that she has not done it right. Dev says Ravi has taken the swear because of Rishita.

Pandya Store 12th April 2022 Written Update

Rishita says to him that he was supportive before today but now he gets away after facing the family. Rishita says that she has lost her previous job due to Shiva and she says that if he wants to go to Shiva so he can go. Raavi says Shiva isn’t answering, no one said anything for Shiva, last time Rishita did too wrong in her job. Dhara asks her not to lose heart. Raavi says to Dhara that she knows why he has not studied then Dhara recalls that time when shiva has told her not to continue the study and Maa said that if his son doesn’t want to study then he will not study and Raavi says that she has the idea that Shiva was good in study.

You will see Gautam comes in the house and he says where are all and he searches to all in the house and says are all in his room. Maa says no one is here. She says that Patrani has gone and his brother has also gone with her and to lock this room, he shocked. Maa tells everything that she said very bad words to Shiva that he is illiterate and can’t calculate simple things as well.

Maa says that she had not come here to live here and she has done participation. Maa cries, and Gautam thinks that he has to do something before everything goes from his hand. Dharam stops her and says that she has to bear the insult of Shiva but she will not bear his insult he says that he is not going there and Dev is coming to the shop, and there he will talk to him.

Raavi says that Shiva is missing then all search for him but he didn’t find him. Then Gommi and Dhara say that they are going to the Police station. When they goes to the Police station to file to report but police said that report will be registered after 24 hours. Raavi says to Maa that shiva is missing. All the family members search for him everywhere but he didn’t find him. However, he is in the storeroom and recalls all the things of his childhood related to his study and he cries to recall this. Episode ends.


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