Again, we are back with an interesting written update of one of the most prominent television shows. Here, you will get all the information that you are searching for, for the show, Pandya Store. The previous episodes of the show already entertain a lot of people and the engagement level of the audience to watch the show touches the peak. The TRP of the show regularly increasing which makes it much better for the viewers to watch. The upcoming episode of the show also looking very interesting because the makers actually create the story very well that amusing all the people a lot.

pandya store 11th june 2021

The episode starts with Dhara who is leaving. On the other hand, Anita saying to Prafula to make preparation for the marriage of Gautam with her. Rishita begs Suman to stop Dhara because everything that happened was her fault. Along with Rishita, Shiva, Raavi, Dev, and Krish also request Suman to stop Dhara. Even, Krish asks Gautam to convince Suman that he loves more Dhara and he can’t live without her. Krish further says that if Suman still wants to Dhara leave then can’t stop her. Dhara does not deserve such punishment but if she still gets then everyone will be ready to face the impact.

In the next scene, Ravi who always hates Shiva, took a stand with Shiva while Shiva got insulted. Ravi washes his clothes. Rishita, who always stood herself separate from the family, saved the whole family. The puja which organized for the peace and unity of the family works because the whole family united again before the puja ends. Apart from this, Dhara could be a transgressor in front of her eyes but also she lives only for them. Also, if she thinks Dhara is wrong then he won’t stop her in any condition. Later, he says that he will drop Dhara at the railway station but Suman wants to go with them because she didn’t trust him.

When the entire family goes to Dhara to give her a last goodbye, Suman calls out Dhara and says that she did not want to let her go as her mother runs away. Even, she scolds Dhara and asks why she didn’t apologize to her, and tries to convince her. Dhara replies that she respects Suman and her words. So, she is leaving without asking any questions against her decision. Suman asks Dhara that who will sit in the Puja because only a couple can sit in this puja. Dhara runs and hug Suman and crying. Later, Dhara also apologizes to Suman. So, the story that goes on is actually very interesting and the further part you will see in the upcoming episode. Pandya Store airing on Star Plus at 7:30 PM and stay tuned with us for more updates.


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