Pandya Store 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: We are back with another written update of the Pandya Store. The episode starts with Gautam & Dev seeing the goons coming toward them and they asked who throw the name board of this land. Gautam says this is their land and shows them the papers of this property. The goons then take those papers and tear them and laugh. On the other side, Rishita gets happy and shows some designs to renovate the house. Suman then says to Rishita, stop being excited and focus on your child.

Pandya Store 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update Gautam and Dev Get Beaten Up

Suman makes a woolen hat for her child and says she also has a cradle in which all children slept, now her child will sleep in that cradle. Rishita then says she will keep her child in the nursery, Sumita asks what is a nursery. She tells us where we can put the child alone, but Suman makes her frightened and says the cat will take her child if she leaves him alone. She then says the room is safe for him then. Suman then gives smile to Dhara. Pandya Store 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Gautam & Dev tries to fight with the goons but they pushed them and then Gautam tries to fight to make them feel that they are strong too, but they failed. Goons beat them with the things they had with them. Prafulla then sees Raavi with a happy face, she goes to her and asks if she didn’t come to her house.

Raavi says she doesn’t have any reason to come there. She asks Raavi about her happy face, she says she is not unlucky, as they have got papers of land and now they will renovate their shop and she is also throwing a party for Shiva’s birthday. Rishita then asks Dhara for the cake flavour Shiva likes to eat, She tells black forest. Dhara shows the gift to Rishita & Suman she bought for Shiva. She says that she can’t buy pants as she only has money for a t-shirt, Rishita gives her money to buy a pant too, but she refuses but Suman says to keep that money.

Siva also saves money to buy a dress for Raavi. After that when Shiva & Dev comes homes, and Rishita listened to Dev saying that his land is taken by a Jeevanlal. She gets shocked and tells everyone, but Gautam takes pledges that he will get his land at any cost. The Episode Ends.

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