Pandya Store 8th June 2022 Written Update: We are back with another written update of the Pandya Store: This episode starts with Rishita remembering their past and blaming themselves. But Dev stops her for not overthinking. Dev then gives an idea to Rishita that we can use Shiva’s Tempo as a mobile store. She asks Dev to tell Gautam about this idea. Dev asks to kick again to his baby. Prafulla then prays to God that her efforts bring Raavi back to her. Dhara goes to the kitchen and sees that they don’t have enough food, she thinks shall she buy the food or renovate the shop.

Pandya Store June 8th 2022 Written Update Spoiler Tonight

Gautam comes and suggests to her that Rishita is having a baby, and she needs good food for the baby’s growth. Dhara agrees with him. Dhara and Gautam then go to the room, then she says that Raavi was blaming herself but today Rishita made her understand that she is not unlucky. Dhara then got her eyes on the files and gets happy. Gautam asks what she found that she is getting so happy. She said you remember we buy land with our future savings, we forgot about this file. Now we can buy good food and can renovate the shop also. Pandya Store 8th June 2022 Written Update 

Shiva comes back to Raavi, She was frightened after hearing baba’s words and asks Shiva to stay away from me. Shiva tries to make her understand she is taking all things the wrong way. She then says she doesn’t want to lose him again. She is unlucky for everyone and she should go back to her aunt’s house.

Gautam then shows the files to Suman, she then recalls that they buy this land. They all make the decision to sell this land, but Rishita says we will only sell 4 acres of land and keep 1 acre of land with us to make a farmhouse on that land.

Raavi then comes home and asks to keep a party for Shiva’s birthday. Suman asks how we get money for this party the land is not sold yet. Gautam take those papers to Mansukh and he said that there is already an owner of this land. He tells Jeevan is now the owner of this land. Dev & Gautam both reach that land and see the board of Jeevan on that land. They throw that board and an unknown comes to them and says he doesn’t know him. They push that man. The goons come to support him. Here the episode ends.

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