Here we are back with the written update of the most prominent show Pandya Store. This has accumulated good popularity. According to the promo, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Shiva gifting anklets to Raavi. He says that he won’t the competition and now no one calls him illiterate. He asks her wife if he can wear the anklets. Ravi allows him. Gautam and Dhara talk about Shiva and Ravi and that they have not spent special time together with the peace. Shiva asks her not to remove the anklets. Ravi asks him where are her old anklets. Shiva says that he has anklets. He says that he will keep them to make him remember the importance of education. Ravi says that her education is still incomplete. Shiva replies that he will complete it by joining the coaching classes again.

Pandya Store 7th May 2022 Full Written Update

Gautam and Dhara do God’s aarti. Shiva and Ravi come downstairs. Suman welcomes them. The guests congratulate Shiva and Ravi on Shiva’s victory. Krish hugs Shiva and says all three kids are amazing. Dhara gives Shiva and Krish Aarti and misses Dev. Shiva cheers up Dhara. All the family members sing Yadon ki Barat. Just then Rishita comes here and says Dhara says she knew that she will come here. Dhara gets elated. Krish takes Rishita for dance before Rishita can see it. Pandyas continue to sing yadon Ki Barat and share a family moment.

Rishita asks Gautam how his health now. Gautam says that if got bettter after her arrival. Kamini and Janardan reahes and great Gautam. Suman welcomes and asks them to take part in the party of Shiva’s victory. Rishita congratulated Ravi for Shiva’s victory. Rishita and Shiva congratulate each other. Shiva says thanks to Rishita to join the party. After that brings Rishita’s gift and requests Rishita to accept it. He says that there is gift for Dev as well. He is very busy nowdays. Rishita asks is he tounting Dev. He says he should congratulate but he didn’t call for once. Rishita says he don’t know about this competition.  A man praises Shiva and taunts Dev. He says that one son left the house for money, another son won for family and is supporting his family. Rishita says she is happy with Shiva’s victory. She says that he brought a small gift for him.

She will show to all how Shiva won the competition.  Suman and Raavi get worried on seeing Rishita’s attitude. Rishita shows the clip of the competition. Suman and Raavi gets afraid to her what she will show to all. In the video the judges says that if a boy, who just passed 10th class wins, it sets the examle in the community rather than a privileged girl wining. The judge says that it’s not possible without his family’s support. His brother was in hospital and Shiva came to the competition after donating him blood.

The girls asks if Shiva, Dhara and Gautam did match fixing with him in the comepition. The girl says that this is the truth this victory. Rishita says that this is the great doing of great son of Shiva. The latter says is all fake. He asks Rishita if she dosen’t know that Gautam was unwell. Raavis says Rishita has prolem with Shiva’s victory that’s why she is manipulate the judge to destroy Shiva’s image. The gustes taunts shiva cheated win the competition. A guests says that they thought Shiva as thier role model. Rishita says that man like shiva can’t be a role model. Stay tuned for more updates.


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