Pandya Store 30th May 2022 Today Written Update: We are back with the written update of another show Pandya store. As the episode starts with Kamini doing drama Dhara burn his hand putting the iron on her hand. Dhara says sorry that she didn’t do this intentionally, it was done by mistake. Dhara says she had already told her that these clothes can’t be ironed and you put your hand in between, also I tried my best to save you but I can’t. Dhara instantly takes the iron and says that she burn Kamini now, I will punish myself and put the iron on her hand, But Luckily, Dev & Rishita stops her. She says now Kamini will remove me from this job but Rishita tells Kamini that don’t punish her& anyone.

Pandya Store 30th May 2022 Today Written Update Kamini Plan Got Failed

Shiva appreciates Dhara that how she handled the whole situation and failed the Kamini plan. Raavi asks Kamini to put some medicine on her hand, and taunts Kamini that nothing happen she is now suffering, Rishita will never trust her and in future also she will support Dhara only. Kirti comes and asks about the pooja. Kamini says that this is the first Vat Savitri Puja of Rishita, we will prepare everything for her. They both go to the market and buy clothes and jewellery for her and give it to Rishita. Pandya Store 30th May 2022 Today Written Update

Rishita takes a saree and a necklace and gives the money to Kamini, then she goes to Dhara and Raavi and gives them clothes for the puja. Dhara loves the saree and Rishita kisses her and goes. Kamini invites everyone to come to their home for the puja. Dhara says that they will come and celebrate Rishita’s First puja together, as her home is our home. When Kalyani looks down to see her saree her, necklace falls and Dhara sees that necklace and remembers this is the necklace she was searching and her doubt was right as the necklace is with her.


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When she tries to take the pic of the necklace her phone gets switched off. After, the puja everyone returns home. Shiva fills the maang of Raavi with Sindoor and does romantic poetry. Dev brings gajra for her wife and the song plays. Rishita says Gautam have a different style to putting Gajra in his wife’s hair. He says, he will get the qualities of Gautam for you, he then hugs her. Rishita feels shy and Dev asks her if he has ever seen her shying. She says she is thinking to open a flower shop. The episode ends.

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