Another shocking news coming from West Bengal in which Bharatiya Janata Party youth leader named Pamela Goswami arrested for allegedly possessing cocaine in a car. Pamela was arrested for carrying drugs in her car. The police arrest her from the New Alipore area of ​​Kolkata on Friday afternoon with drugs worth several lakhs. Along with her, BJP leader Prabhir Dey has been also arrested because he was also in a car and driving. When Pamela was going through NR Avenue in New Alipore the Police stopped her car after getting the confirmed information through sources.

Pamela Goswami

In the car, Pamela and Prabhir were going with Pamela’s bodyguards. The source also said that 100 grams of cocaine were recovered from Pamela’s car. The police also said that the market value of the drugs is around several lakh rupees. Let us also tell you that Pamela is not an older participant in the party. She recently joined the party and a new participant in the political program of the BJP’s Youth Front. The police currently investigating the entire matter to find more suspects who are in touch with the incident.

The police also investigating where the drugs have come and where the drugs are going. it is also supposed that Pamela may be joined with a big ring. After the arrest of Pamela, State BJP Spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya said “I still don’t know anything clearly about this. It would not be right to comment on this without knowing. However, it is a matter of concern whether they had drugs in their bags or not.” Now, the police appearing in the full swing to find more clues related to the incidents.

Everyone knows that BJP is a very famous party and many incidents happened to defame the image of the party. But, it is also correct that Pamela involved in a very big matter of transferring drugs. So, the entire incident will be coming in front of everyone very soon. The police investigated the incident and currently arrested Pamela Goswami and Prabhir Dey because they are carrying 100 grams of Cocaine in Pamela’s car and going to the place to deliver the drugs. So, stick with us to get more information related to the topic.


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