One of the most anticipated web series is on the way to entertain everyone all over the country. Now, if we talk about the title of the web series then Palang Tod Friend Request is the name of the web series which is going to release in the upcoming days. Whenever it comes to web series then only one name comes to mind which is Ullu App. The number of users is extremely high who eagerly waiting to watch the exceptional web series. The craze among the youngsters to watch the romantic and erotic web series is very high and everyone just wants to see the sensational story of the series.

Palang Tod Friend Request

Palang Tod Friend Request Review

As everyone knows that the OTT Platform is very famous and popular for releasing bold and erotic content. Now, the upcoming web series is also a perfect piece that entertains all the people by showing such a great story with lots of intimate scenes. After the release of the trailer of any web series, the viewers and fans are just want to search for the stars who going to appear in the web series. So, if we talk about the names who will be appearing in the web series then the lead role of the web series played by Mishti Basu.

Not only this but the supporting role in the web series played by Simran Khan who also very popular for appearing in bold and romantic web series. So, while releasing the official trailer of Palang Tod Friend Request the makers wrote in the caption “Ek Anjaan Shaksh Banega Khaas, Gairon ki Bheedh Mein Apno Ka Hoga Ehsaas”.

Palang Tod Friend Request Streaming Online

Palang Tod’s “Friend Request” showing a very exceptional story in which two cousins want to become actors and also give auditions for many TV shows and movies. The story takes lots of turns as a cousin selected for the TV show in the lead role.

Also, the producer of the TV show is the same person whom she likes. One day, both cousins go to the house of the producer for the party but the elder sister takes advantage of the moment and fulfills all sexual and naughty desires of the producer. Later, the producer changes his decision and selects the elder sister for the lead role of the TV show.

Now, it will be actually very enthralling to watch what will happen next. Palang Tod Friend Request will be released on 2nd July 2021 and millions of people all over the country are keen to watch the sensational and lusty web series.


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