Unfortunately, we have lost a famous writer and professor Palakkeezh Narayanan. The death is actually unexpected and many people are mourning his sudden demise. Everyone knows this name as he was a very famous professor and writer who was well known for his outstanding writing skills. Sadly, he died at his home in Chemmani at 8 AM Friday, 5th November 2021.

Palakkeezh Narayanan Cause of Death

His death has already shocked many and all who heard about this tragic loss expressed their condolences to the family of the professor. His family members are very upset and going through a very difficult time. Recently he has lost a very important family member and no one will understand his pain.

Palakkeezh Narayanan Cause of Death

Let us also tell you that he died because of congenital disease in his old age. There are many people mourning his unfortunate demise and paying rich tributes to the legendary writer. If we talk about the funeral, it will be held in the courtyard of Molattur Chemmani at 4 PM.

He achieved huge success in his career because of his outstanding talent. Along with this, he was also awarded many awards. In his career, he won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award for his brilliant contribution to 2019. Sadly, he lost everyone and took his long sleep of peace.

Apart from this, he was born in 1940 in Chemmani, Malapuram district of Parakizh Narayanan Nambutiri and Nangli Antaryan. Let us also tell you that he completed his studies at the Sanskrit Institute and later he complete his academic examination. Then he obtained a master’s degree and graduated.

In 1995, he retired as a university professor. Not only this, but he also served as a member of the State Council of the Library Council. He collected lots of love and popularity because of his outstanding work. His talent gives him a very genuine and huge hype to gain much popularity.

His work and services always are appreciable and he will never be forgettable. He was a very genuine writer and a very great professor who make many futures bright by giving proper pieces of education. His unfortunate death has shocked many people all over the world and he was actually the very great person who always be alive in our hearts. Our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones who miss him a lot.


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