Another heart-breaking news is highlighting all over the world that renowned singer Sunny Benjamin John passed away in Karachi. After suffering from a long illness S.B. John lost the hope to live more. He last breathed today and took his long sleep of peace. If we talk about his birth then he was born in October 1930 in Karachi. He completes his studies at St Paul’s School and later, he went to Kalyan Sangeet Vidyala to become a professional in music. The Vidyala situated near Burns Road where Pandit Ram Chandra Trivedi teaching all the students who completely dedicated to the music and singing.

sb john passesa away

The famous singer Sunny Benjamin John went to the Vidyala to learn the Tabla but he was advised by his guru that he should sing. Later, when the partition of the continent happened then his guru migrated to India and he was left in Karachi. But, he did not lose his hope to become a professional singer and start performing professionally in 1950 as he joined Radio Pakistan. Along with S.B. John, his grandfather was also an amateur vocalist. In his life, he actually got much fame in Karachi but he was reached up national popularity after singing the song “Tu jo Nahin Hai To Kuchh Bhi Nahin Hai” for the film Savera in 1959.

Apart from this, he also worked on several songs which was the reason behind his great success and prominence. Along with songs, he sang few Ghazals. The first confirmed news of his demise was announced by his eldest son Robin John. He said “He was a nice person and a good friend of his children. He would go fishing and take us along. He was fond of hunting and cooking. I and one of my brothers have taken after him as far as cooking is concerned. Brothers Donald and Glenn joined the world of music like him”.

Several reputed singers and celebrities shared lots of pictures of his personality to give a soulful tribute to him. S.B. John also grabbed many awards in which one of the most reputed awards that he won was the President’s Pride of Performance award in 2011. If we talk about the funeral services of S.B. John, then it will be held when Mr. Glenn reached Karachi because he living in Sweden. The legendary singer will always live in our hearts and his amazing voice in songs will give us memorable moments always. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the updates.


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