A piece of very genuine and shocking news is highlighted that Shaheen Afridi who is Pakistan Fast Bowler has asked former national team cricketer Shahid Afridi to give his daughter Aqsa’s hand to him. The incident comes in front of everyone when Shahid Afridi official tweet about it and announce the entire matter to all of his fans. Everyone knows that Shahid Afridi was a very genuine and prominent cricketer who played for his country with proper enthusiasm. Now, the newly joined and popular cricketer Shaheen Afridi who also able to get much love and appreciation from the audience wants to marry Shahid’s daughter.

Shaheen Afridi and Aqsa Afridi

After that, Shaheen’s father Ayaz Khan also tells that both the families know each other and have a good relationship for a very long time. He also confirmed that Shahid’s family agreed to the proposal and now both the families are waiting for the right time when they organized a grand marriage of their children. Also, a formal engagement ceremony will be held soon that improves the relationship between the families. Many people are want to see the marriage of both personalities. Shaheen Afridi very well-known cricketer who always shows his outstanding and amazing performance on the ground.

In a tweet of Pakistani Journalist Ihtisham Ul Haq said “With the permission of both families, I would like to clarify the rumors of an engagement between Shaheen Afridi and Shahid Afridi’s daughter. The proposal has been ACCEPTED; It is thought that after completion of his education there will be formal engagement within 2 years”. It is cleared that all the people who know them are happy after hearing the good and brilliant news. Both the families are waiting for the time when one family farewell a beautiful bride while another family welcoming the gorgeous girl in their home for the entire life.

Shahid’s tweet creates a very genuine sensation across social media because all the netizens and his fans giving blessings to the couple. The entire scenario on social media platforms is extremely good because everyone sharing the awesome news of confirming the marriage of Shaheen Afridi and Aqsa Afridi. The families are also very happy after taking the decision and now they are preparing to organized the marriage at a very grand level. Our blessings with the new couple because they will be going to start a new journey together. Stay connected with us to know more information related to the current topics.


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