If you are a cricket lover then definitely the news is for you and you will be excited to watch the league. Yes, as per the news Pakistan is going to host the Champions Trophy 2025. On Tuesday teh cricket association has confirmed this detail.

Pakistan to host Champions Trophy 2025

It will be a special moment for every cricket lover when Pakistan hosts the championship. There are several things has released by the officials so you should know all the key points. Notably, India is set to host the 2023 men’s Cricket World Cup.

Pakistan To Host Champions Trophy

As per the details, there are several points that are important to be discussed. Firstly we will discuss the list of nations that will host the various ICC men’s tournaments from the year 2024 to 2031. As we know the world is full of cricket lovers and many fans are extremely crazy about this sport. So here is the complete list of the nations so you can get the information from this list.

While on the other side, West Indies and will co-host the Men’s T20 World Cup with the USA in 2024. It will be a great moment when two countries will host the tournament together. Also, it will be amazing for cricket lovers around the world. the list is here of the remaining countries that will host the tournaments of ICC in the upcoming years.

Will India Play ICC Champions Trophy 2025 in Pakistan?

  • 2024 T20 World Cup – USA and West Indies in June
  • 2025 Champions Trophy – Pakistan in February
  • 2026 T20 World Cup – India and Sri Lanka in February
  • 2027 World Cup – South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia in October/November
  • 2028 T20 World Cup – Australia and New Zealand – October
  • 2029 Champions Trophy – India – October
  • 2030 T20 World Cup – England, Ireland and Scotland – June
  • 2031 World Cup – India and Bangladesh – October/November

Along with it, we want to tell you that Pakistan has won the Champions trophy in 2017 but has not hosted many tournaments in the past years. They did not host many tournaments, especially after the incident when the Srilankan team bus was attacked by the terrorists in Lahore in the year 2009.

While on the other side the Newzealand match was abandoned recently because of security concerns. So these are the reasons that it will be a special moment for every cricket lover when Pakistan will host the champions trophy 2025. For further information stay ahead.


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