Do you know? The unusual incident happened and everyone is making fun on it. Actually, Pakistan Prime Minister IMRAN KHAN getting sudden attention due to his netizen. As per information, recently Prime Minister Imran Khan Unfollowed everyone on his Twitter account which was created by him in 2010. He unfollowed his every MNAs even Imran Khan unfollow his former wife Jemima Goldsmith who is the film producer as well.

On Monday evening, a majority of Pakistani Twitter space noticed that PM Imran Khan was no longer following anyone on Twitter from his official @ImranKhanPTI account.

This incident was reported on Monday when we randomly visit his profile on Twitter and as per news majority of Pakistan citizens also noticed that the PM Imran Khan no longer follow anyone on Twitter whether its celebrity or Politician.

So far there is no reason find out behind this netizen by PM Imran Khan. Meanwhile, everyone starts trolling him on social media as expected due to his netizen incident. To troll PM Imran Khan an individual user wrote “PM Imran Khan might be visited previous PM Nawaz Sharif’s timeline and when he found Nawaz Sharif did not follow anyone. So due to this reason, Imran Khan definitely got jealous and start following everyone even his ex-wife, Jemima Goldsmith”


On the other side, an individual wrote “Would be amazing if all those follows him will unfollow him and see how does it feel like , I don’t know about others but Friday onwards I’m unfollowing Imran Khan , the man who has no respect for his own ppl wouldn’t have respect for public – #letsunfollowimrankhan new trend”

Through seeing all these Tweets it is very hilarious to read these funny incidents, Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan followed two accounts from his official Twitter account as @ImrankhanPTI. These include the verified accounts of the PTI and the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC). But after sometimes he again unfollowed both accounts and currently, he following 0 accounts on Twitter.


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