Another news of suicide bombers has just arrived from Pakistan. A person on a motorcycle in Pakistan’s Quetta area blew himself up. In the incident, at least three people were lost their lives and 20 injured. The news went viral on social media and the police officers also reached the place just after the blast occurred.

pakistan attack

The injured people were immediately taken to the nearby hospital where they all getting better treatment. After the attack, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) comes in front and takes responsibility for the attack.

Pakistan Bomb Suicide Attack

Talking about the exact place, as per the sources, the bomb blast took place at a checkpoint operated by the Paramilitary Frontier Corps on the Quetta-Mastung Road. The area is located 25 kilometers south of Quetta. Everyone knows that Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan province.

The incident description was also provided by the police officers and they said that the suicide bomber had rammed his motorcycle into the vehicle of a law enforcement agency. The vehicle of a law enforcement agency passing through the checkpoint and when the suicide bomber collided with it, a blast took place in which Three paramilitary guards were immediately killed and 20 others injured.

Currently, the police investigating the entire attack and the government of the state are also upset after hearing this heartbreaking attack. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also took to Twitter to condemn the attack. Not only this but also many people continuously talking about the attack on social media and sharing their points of view.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said “Condemn the TTP suicide attack on FC check-post, Mastung Road, Quetta. My condolences go to the families of the martyrs & prayers for the recovery of the injured. Salute our security forces & their sacrifices to keep us safe by thwarting foreign-backed terrorists’ designs”.

Along with it, Balochistan Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langove also condemned the attack and said “Security forces have given countless sacrifices in the war against terrorism. The whole nation is indebted to the martyrs. We are fighting the terrorists with our full strength and will continue to do so. These violent attacks will not lower the morale of the forces”.

The investigation is going on and it will be important to see now what the government of Pakistan do against this attack in which three paramilitary guards lost their lives and 20 other locals were injured in which some got several serious injuries.


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