Here we are sharing news with you that, a video is going viral on TikTok. As we know Tik Tok is a very famous platform among the people. Fans like to spend their time on TikTok. We have seen many videos as trending videos. Now again the video is going viral which is the Outback Steakhouses video.

outback steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is a normal dining restaurant Chain. It is mainly famous for grilled steaks and the iconic Bloomin’ Onion. Here we will tell you all detail regarding this. We will share all the matters of the video.

Outback Steakhouse TikTok Video

The video is a Cooking video of the Outback Steakhouse restaurant. An Outback Steakhouse cook Went viral on Tuesday, 21 December 2021. In the video, We see him grilling many steaks simultaneously on a questionably clean grill. The viral video on TikTok has created a debate on dirty restaurant kitchens and labor.

The captioned of the video is “Getting whooped on a Monday” and the content for 15 seconds, Which slowly showed arrays of roast. Each and every part of the grill is banded up with a layer of burnt black grease. The cook who had posted the video then begins cooking at the dining chain.

The video of the Kitchen got over 53,200 views and 466 likes on TikTok. But the video was deleted in the morning, because of the controversy on several Social media. The chain has 1,000 locations in 23 countries throughout the world. it was established in March of 1988, first in Tampa, Florida. It has been serving millions of people around the world.

As we know the viral cooking video of the Outback on TikTok has created a debate on this video. The Tikoker, who upload the video, was apparently just trying to share his everyday work. People instantly commented on how filthy the grill appeared to be. When the video got viral on Social media, The video received Comments from haters. They are expressing their views with the inept management.

However, some have supported as well the Steakhouse, arguing that due to manpower Shortage, they must provide food very fast. All people have different views towards it. As we have told you the Video has been received 53,200 views and 466 likes on TikTok. But now the video has been deteted. But what do you think about the video? Many videos come on social media and get viral on various platforms. Stay connected for more updates


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