Several governments of the countries have already aware their citizens to stay away from wild animals and otters also come into their list as it could be easily hurt humans by bitting them. Currently, an incident have been reported in Singapore where a person began his day with his regular routine but didn’t end the day as he expected. After a few hours of his morning, he was taken to the hospital for tetanus after he was bitten by an otter. Yes, a person was jogging at Kallang River Park on Monday, April 4, 2022 morning.

Otters Attack A Jogger Man In Kallang River Park

The person has been identified as Hong Zhiqin and he was caught by a gang of some 30 otters roaming around the park. A 52-years-old got excited after seeing many otters together and took his phone out of his pocket to capture them on his phone. Hong Zhiqin along with two members of the public followed the animals closely and noticed that it was such a big group of otters rumoring in the park. While the reports released by Shin Min Daily News told that Hong said he had see the creatures once or two times a week but most of the time, they had be in small groups of five or six.

Otters Attack A Jogger Man In Kallang River Park

However, they went close to the animals and an adult otter attacked on him and bite him. The animal later ran towards the river and swam away. According to the sources, the incident took place at around 06:45 AM and after this incident, Hong Zhiqin was rushed to Raffles Hospital to seek treatment. He received an injection by the hospital staff and was given five days of medical leave.

Hong Zhiqin added,” it’s also my carelessness. Usually, my wife and I will remind our children not to get too close when we see otters, but sometimes we forget”. Now, he is doing well and recuperating at home. Mostly, Otters stays normal and calm but while they come to protect their calf, they become aggressive and even can bite strangers or human.

Last year in May, the same incident occurred at Upper Boon Keng Road when a man’s exercise session was cut short by an adult otter. Maybe, human or people should provide some space to the wild animals as they mostly remain normal but gets aggressive when comes to protecting their calves. Keep reading to know more about the incident.


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