WATCH: Origin Flasher Video bombs live TV broadcast Viral on On Twitter And Instagram: On Sunday night, as the NSW Blues absolutely destroyed Queensland to level the series, the Perth fans were able to rejoice and look forward to a heated clash. The venue of the match was Optus Stadium, and the crowd there was on fire as the action in the game was going on. The enthusiasm shown by the crowd was something that the teams must have enjoyed as well and would have enabled them to give their all in the match. Follow More Updates On

Origin Flasher Video

Origin Flasher Video

However, there was a fan that took the extreme to a whole new level even before the game had even started, which also left a mark on the broadcast channel in its background. A news reporter was standing outside the venue of the game before it started when the fan appeared in the background of the camera, as the reporter was sharing his thoughts on the historical background of Origin matches.

Origin Flasher Video

Origin Flasher Viral Video 

The female fan was wearing a Queensland beanie which means that she was a supporter of Queensland and she also had a scarf on her. She gave a look to her mates as she reached out to her shirt. Then the shirt is raised up in a quick manner and her chest was caught in the camera as she was dancing across the screen the camera then left as the broadcast was still running.

Origin Flasher Video Leaked on Twitter

The fans with an eagle eye were quick enough to point out the incident in the background and it started circling around social media. The supporters of the team that was inside the stadium in a game that was almost one-sided seemed to be behaving nicely during the game and there was one fan that went running across the stadium after the game had ended.

Origin Flasher Video live TV broadcast

The match of the 2022 State of Origin series that will decide the outcome of the series will be played in Brisbane. But, the game was also no less than any other incident that happened as the game was also speculated with a lot of controversies. There has been controversy and the commentators have been sticking to wanting answers from the Maroons legends Paul Vautin and Darren Lockyer.

Although setting all the controversies aside, it can be said that the huge margin of 28 points in favor of the NSW Blues has been the biggest winning margin in the 42-year history of Origin games. It was an undeniably historic win for NSW Blues and was a great game played, this has hyped the next and final decider game and will be exciting to see.


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