Have you ever listened to the name of Conmebol Sudamericana League? If never so, you should watch the upcoming football match of the league becaue the league is always known for some of the best matches and fans should watch this league if they want to know more about football and their favorite players because they are also going to participate in it. Well, the league just began and introduced some of the important matches, and tonight, the league is coming back with another match that will be played between team Oriente Petrolero (OP) and team Fluminense (FLMI). Both teams have already debuted in this league.

OP vs FLMI live score

If you are excited to watch them once again on the football ground so, you can read this article in which we will share all the details of the match such as time, date, venue, league, and other details. Well, both teams are under Group H and played 5 matches each. Along with this, both teams are also excited to play their another match to entertain the audience. Players such as Facundo Suarez, Leonardo Vaca-I, Marcos Felipe, Luccas Claro, and Sebastian Alvarez are some of the best players of tonight’s match.

OP vs FLMI: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Oriente Petrolero (OP) vs Fluminense (FLMI)
  • League:- Conmebol Sudamericana League
  • Venue:- Estadio Ramon Tahuichi Aguilera Costas (Santa Cruz)
  • Date:- Friday, May 27, 2022
  • Time:- 06:00 AM IST

OP vs FLMI: Team Squad

Oriente Petrolero (OP):- Wilson Quinonez, Marcelo Suarez, Maximiliano Caire, Ayrton Paz, Hector Sanchez, Leonardo Sanchez, Andre Sandoval, Hugo Dorrego, Carlos Roca, Jose Velasco, Raimundo Garcia, Bruno Rivas, Leandro Zazpe, Andre Sosa, Leonardo Vaca-I, Juan Ribera, Samuel Guzman-I, Cristhian Penayo, Daniel Rojas, Ricardo Sandoval, Facundo Suarez, Jorge Rojas, Rodrigo Saucedo, Jose Briceno, Ferddy Roca, Wilfredo Soleto, Maki Salces, Miguel Rios, Juan Mercado, Jose Berdecio, Luciano Guaycochea, and Sebastian Alvarez.

Fluminense (FLMI):- Paulo Henrique Ganso, David Braz, Samuel Xavier, Marlon Xavier, Yago Felipe, Jhon Arias, Matheus Martinelli, Wellington Martins, German Cano, Fred Chaves, Mario Pineida, Caio Paulista, Luiz Henrique Silva, John Kennedy, Cristiano da Silva, Felipe Melo, Nino Filho, Nathan Souza, Muriel Becker, Manoel, Matheus Ferraz, Fabio Maciel, David Duarte, Willian Gomes de Siqueira, Andre Trindade, Marcos Felipe, Luccas Claro, Matheus Martins, Gustavo Nonato, and Lucas Calegari.

OP vs FLMI: Lineups Players

Oriente Petrolero (OP):- Wilson Quinonez, Sebastian Alvarez, Facundo Suarez, Jorge Rojas, Marcelo Suarez, Maximiliano Caire, Ayrton Paz, Hugo Dorrego, Hector Sanchez, Leonardo Sanchez, and Andre Sandoval.

Fluminense (FLMI):- German Cano, Fred Chaves, David Braz, Samuel Xavier, Matheus Martinelli, Marlon Xavier, Yago Felipe, Jhon Arias, Marcos Felipe, Luccas Claro, and Wellington Martins.

OP vs FLMI: Match Prediction

Let us tell you that both teams are in Group H and played 5 matches each. If we talk about team OP so, they are standing in the 4th spot with 0 victories out of 5 matches, and another side, team FLMI is standing on the 3rd spot with 2 victories out of 5 matches where they lost 3 matches. According to the analyst and sources, team FLMI has better chances to win this match tonight against team OP.


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