The Japanese Manga series has come again with the latest episode of the world-famous series One Piece. Yes, the makers released many episodes of the series and again, they are coming back with one more episode called “One Piece Episode 985”. Eiichiro Oda is a writer of the story and published by Shueisha. The series has been started more than 20 years because it was started on July 22, 1997.

One Piece Episode 985

One Piece Episode 984: Preview

There are a total of 99 volumes of the series and fans are excited to watch the next episode because it will be released on the network soon. We have been many things in the series before and again and again, the makers are coming with a new chapter.

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We have seen that Samurai and Straw Hats have been entered in Onigashima and Kinemon is using his power to change them into Gifters. Kinemon says that the Animal Kingdon Pirates don’t remember them and it will give them profit during the war. Also, the Kinemon told their Samurai that he is the stronghold of Onigashima Kaido and they should forget some useless war and moved towards the Onigashima castle for the amazing final battle.

Now, the latest episode will tell the further story and what will happen there. “Luffy Goes Out Of Control” is the title of the new upcoming episode. So, let’s find out what will be seen in the episode and when it will be released.

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Luffy faced Jaggy that he is not planning to follow Kinemon and Captain Kid replies that he doesn’t care of Samurai’s plan and Luffy says that in this war, everything of Land is at stake. Captain Kid reminds Luffy that they came here to take down Kaido in this war and they both are Onigashima.

On the other side, Zoro thinks that Luffy can make some worse and he can stop him. Kwamatsu and Kiku are worried about the Luffytaro-san in the war. While Luffy is moving towards the castle of Kaido. Many more things have been done in the last episode and therefore, the fans are excited for the next one.

Along with the story, they are eagerly waiting for its release and when it will come out, it’s the main question for everyone. So, let’s find out that when it will take its release and how much love will it get from fans.

One Piece Episode 985: Release Date & Time

After the last episode, the One Piece Episode 985 will release on Sunday, August 1st, 2021 as per the scheduled timing. With all of this, the episode will release at its scheduled time. So, let’s wait for more details of the upcoming episode. There are few episodes are left of the chapter as many episodes have already released.


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