Here we are sharing exciting news with you that over the past many months, it appears as if the stars have been aligning once more for the One Piece franchise. The reform in the anime series has been notable since the adaptation hit 1000 episodes last year, with video games and stage movies also starting to get their hype trains going. But, now all the attention is coming back to the original manga series, which sadly was notably away from all of our normal Sunday schedules last week. This is because One Piece chapter 1048 was postponed for Golden Week in Japan, but a new release date and time have thankfully now been set online.

one piece chapter 1048

Unhappily, the One Piece manga series was on a break last week and has not released on 1 May because numerous fans would have been excluded. However, the exciting news is that this is not a series of hints, with the whole weekly Shonen Jump magazine taking a break last week because of the Golden Week celebrations in Japan. Golden Week is a series of national holidays that run from April 29th to May 6th and is known as one of the busiest periods in Japan across the whole year.

One Piece Chapter 1048 Release Date

A total of four national holidays run throughout the Golden Week, Shown Day ( the birthday of late Emperor Showa), Constitutional Memorial Day( marking when the postwar constitution started), Greenery Day (celebrating nature and the environment), and children’s day ( praying for the health of all children). As part of the Golden Week celebrations, several businesses close and gives their employees time off to join in the festivities, including the manga industry and especially for One Piece, its publishers in weekly Shonen Jump.

More good news is that the Golden week hiatus is not going to notable impact the announcement of the One Piece manga for long. As confirmed by the series page on Viz Media, One Piece Chapter 1048 will release on 8t May 2022, Sunday. The new chapter will then launch worldwide in English via both Viz Media and Manga plus from the following times:

One Piece Chapter 1048 Spoilers, Preview

  1. Pacific Time – 8 AM PDT
  2. Eastern Time – 11 AM EDT
  3. British Time – 4 PM BST
  4. European Time – 5 PM CEST
  5. India Time – 8:30 PM IST
  6. Philippine Time – 11 PM PHT
  7. Australia Time – 12:30 AM ACST

As in the case every week, the 1048Th appliance of the One Piece manga is trending already worldwide on social media thanks to the leaked spoilers. As every One Piece manga fan understands all too well, chapters may start trending on social media days, or in the case of chapter 1048, a week in advance of the release thanks to leaked spoilers. stay tuned for more updates.


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