Here we are sharing exciting news with you, That Chapter of 1036 of one going to be released. As we know fans were waiting for this. This is a famous series among the people, and love to watch the series because it is very entertaining. Shueisha’s Shonen Jump recently announced a break, so the release date of the chapters were postponed.

One Piece Chapter 1036 release date

But now they have changed, the upcoming chapter will be released two weeks from the time of writing. Here we will give you all the details in this article, We know people were waiting for its release. So we will cover the entire details.

One Piece Chapter 1036 Release Date

According to reports, the official announcement is Chapter 1036 of One Piece set to be released on 4 January 2022. This will be the release date if unforeseen situations do not delay proceedings. The mangaka has taken a break and his health has been made a topic of discussion among One Piece fans.

Eiichiro Oda sleeps for about three hours a day, his health is affected in the long run. This is the solid reason why the series has taken breaks in the past. One piece will be available to read for free on Vizz, The last three chapters will be available as well. However, Fans will have to pay for the monthly subscription for the previous chapter.

The release time is different according to place 2.00 am Japan Standard Time January 4, 2022, Indian standard time is 10:30 pm. Pacific Standard time is 10:30, Watchers will have to wait two days before its release date for spoilers. Usually, the raw scans are uploaded by then. After the raw scans, the translated Scans will be uploaded within a few hours.

One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers, Preview

If we talk about its story, so Chapter 1035 of One Piece is supposed to be the battle between Raronoa King and Zoro, Kaido’s right-hand man. It will with Sanji landing a blow on Queen, knocking her out of Onigashima. The former protected Chuji and gave him to some.

The transitions to war between Zoro and King. He figured out King’s endurance and its interaction with the wings on his back. King will remove his mask and reveal his face for the first time to the fans. It will be more interesting and entertaining. Fans were waiting for this for a long time. Now it is coming, now this time is the end of the patience of the fans. Fans are curious to watch this chapter of One Piece fans. Stay connected for more updates.


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