One Piece Chapter 1024 is going to be crazier for the fans because they are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode as soon as possible because the battle against the Kaidou on the roof looks interesting with Luffy as the challenge again to Kaidou is on the way.

One Piece Chapter 1024

The last chapter of the manga series shows Zorro making a dramatic comeback and in a 2 vs 2 battle, Sanji brought Queen and King. Lots of battle is going to be seen in the next chapter and you will be confused to manage the battle which will be appeared in the next chapters.

One Piece Chapter 1024: Spoilers Preview

As we have seen that Tobiropp defeated that means we are going to move to another battle where lots of fights will come among the biggest fighers. Now, the next chapter is going to be released in a few days and we will get to see lots of fights where rooftop fights are going to be the best fight of all of them.

We can expect that the next chapter will definitely focus on the rooftop fights and we are going to tell some briefs of the next chapter where lots of things are still left. As we can expect that Momonosuke is coming back and face to Kaidou so it is going to be more excited that who will play the role with Yamato.

If you are a true fan of Once Piece and always wants to watch the exciting chapter of the series so, paragraph is not for you because it contains lots of spoiler and facts of the next chapter and if you read this, your mood will also spoil and we don’t want that so, before reading this, you can also skip the paragraph.

As we can expect that the fight of Sanji and Zoro will continue with King and Queen in the next chapter and also, Jack will fight with the cat and dog. But also, the real moments of Momo and Luffy are here, and also, Momo will come in the form of a dragon and fly with Luffy Onigashima. Many more spoilers are not available for the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1024: Release Date

Now, the episode is going to be released on Sunday, August 29, 2021, and the manga is not going to take any break and soon, the makers will release the next chapter as Chapter 1025 in the upcoming days.  if you are a true fan of the show and want to watch the next episode so, it is happy news for you that you can watch the next episode on the online platform and also, read the spoiler of the episode here.


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