Continuously many incidents have coming in front of Kabul. Recently, the German Military says a firefight broke out at the north gate of the Kabul airport. The incident took place in the early morning on Monday in which the Afghan security force indulge in a fight with unknown attackers. The fight results in the loss of one Afghan Soldier and three others injured. It said American and German forces also got involved, and that the German soldiers were not hurt as the US military also get some wounds.

1 Afghan Soldier Killed, 3 Others Injured by Attackers at Kabul Airport

Now, the security forces who available at the airport continuously searching to know who was the attackers but they still didn’t get any clue against the attackers. Continuously they searching to know some more details and investigating the attack in which Afghanistan lost one more security officer who did his job very well. The Taliban, who guard the outer perimeter of Kabul airport, have not opened fire on NATO or Afghan troops so far.

1 Afghan Soldier Killed

Not only this incident took place on Monday as before this attack from some unknown attackers, but at least seven Afghans also died in a panicked crush of people who try to enter Kabul Airport.

The British military is also available at the place and they continue helping the Afghan security forces to become stronger to face any toughest and dreaded time in the future. Currently, every person who is available in Afghanistan is living in fear as their lives might stop any time in any attack or a stampede and they have no chance to secure their family and close ones.

Along with it, thousands of people regularly trying to flee the country but they even did not get a chance to leave the place. Many flights have been canceled and thousands of people are currently staying at the Kabul Airport.

All the countries in the world not taking a stand for Afghanistan and everyone just seeing the current terrifying condition of Afghanistan. Every day, new cases coming from Afghanistan in which several people losing their lives in gunshots or stampedes. On Monday early morning one Afghan security officer shot died in the attack by unknown attackers and three got injured in the attack.


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