The official tweet of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal clearly said that all the schools in the government and private sector will be shut down till further notice. Due to COVID-19, the cases rapidly increasing and this is the reason, the government finally shut down the schools. The recent spike of the virus was extremely very huge and the government has to take strict actions against the virus. The government has to take precautions to secure the entire residence of the country. Now, the government will be taking many genuine precautions against the virus to secure all the people.

Delhi Govt and Private Schools

Many people thinking that the new year will come with the end of the virus but it seems that this year the number of cases touches its peak. Now, the government decides to re-close the schools because of the safety of students. The number of students in Government schools is extremely high while private schools also contain such a huge number of students. So, it is important to give proper safety and precautions to all the students from the virus. Currently, the number of cases rapidly increasing in India and the common people will be taking the virus very easily. So, it is very terrific for everyone if you not taking the virus seriously.

Recently the capital recorded the highest number of cases on Thursday which is 7,500 new cases. Let us also tell you that for two consecutive days, Delhi record more than 5000 cases. After seeing the increase in new cases, Delhi Government has to take some tough precautions to save the entire Delhi from the virus. The entire residence of Delhi wants some strict actions from the government because it is essential now to fight against the virus.

The first step that Delhi Government took was Delhi Night Curfew. The entire Delhi is locked after 10 PM at night and the state is locked until 5 PM. Now, people want to get the result that beat the virus because it is very harmful to all people. If you want to get more details or the notifications issued by the government then stay connected with us. We will update all the information that you want to know related to the official notifications issued by the government. Keep in touch with us and keep your identity up to date.


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