TikTok: Who Is Olivia_Tylerr33? Nurse Olivia Vanderford Faces Backlash: A Tik Tok user and a nurse, a professional that goes by the username of Olivia_Tyler33 is facing reprisal from the people on social media after she posted a video when one of her patients had died. The name of the nurse and the Tik Tok user is Olivia Vanderford and she had posted a video on her Tik Tok account on June 17 that said “It never gets easy after you lose a patient”. The video received mixed reactions from the people on the internet but the major portion has criticized her action on the basis that she did it only to gain fame on her Tik Tok account by getting people to sympathize with her. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

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Who is Olivia Vanderford?

Olivia Vanderford is a worker in the medical field and has been working as a nurse for quite a long time. She hails from the United States and has been posting videos that are related to her field of work.

This has gotten her more than 140k followers on TikTok and she has amassed more than 1.7 million likes. However, her recent video has been receiving a lot of backlash because of the criticism that what she did seemed unethical. This may not be the truth.

The result of that criticism was that the account had been removed from the platform. The account must have been deleted or deactivated by the nurse which caused the profile to be missing from Tik Tok. This may be an indication that what she did was not for fame or gaining attention. There were also comments in the video that sympathized with the medical workers and saw how difficult it is for them to work in that environment and yet they never stop serving us.

Olivia said that her reaction in the video was not an act, she only wanted to showcase the difficult life of a medical workers and the problems they face during their shift.

The personal information of the nurse is not yet available and there is no public data as well. As the situation seems, she may have disappeared from the internet altogether after deleting her account from Tik Tok and her Instagram account as well.

From her appearance, she seems to be a woman in her 30s.

Fame on the internet is not something that just anyone can handle and can be very burdensome as well. No matter what you do there is always someone that will come and criticize even the smallest of things that you do. Let’s hope that the nurse can recover and it doesn’t affect her work.


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