The Odisha Cricket League, 2020/21 league regularly increasing the level of interest among fans. All the cricket enthusiasm are very eagerly waiting for the upcoming match that held between Odisha Lions and Odisha Panthers. Everyone knows that a very huge and high rated match will be ready to make your time very interesting and amazing. The best battle between two powerful teams is all set to entertain every fan in the forthcoming match. Many people are want to know ODL vs OPA Dream11 Prediction to know all the key details about the match. On the other side, we will also update ODL vs OPA Live Scores to give the complete information about the scores and the match.

ODL vs OPA Live Scores Odisha T20

Let us tell you, both the teams in the tournament are playing very well and giving a very genuine competition to all the competitors in the matches. The ensuing match is fixed for 04:30 PM IST on 13th January 2021. All the people know that both the teams are very powerful and giving their outstanding performance to all the viewers. A very big surprise for all the viewers is all set to give lots of fabulous moments in the forthcoming match. So, if you want to get more information then here we are unveiling every detail about the upcoming battle.

ODL vs OPA Match Detail

  • Match: ODL vs OPA, Odisha Cricket League, 2020/21
  • Venue: Barabati Stadium, Cuttack
  • Date and Time: Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 04:30 PM

Odisha Lions (ODL) – Key Players

  • Subhrajyoti Mishra
  • Bikash Rout
  • Rakesh Pattanaik
  • Nauttam Bhanja

Odisha Panthers (OPA) – Key Players

  • Ankit Singh
  • Alok Chandra Sahoo
  • Sidhant Jena
  • Pradeep Pradhan

ODL vs OPA Probable Lineups

Odisha Lions: Sujit Skhetra Lenka, Subhrajyoti Mishra, Bikash Rout, Swastik Samal, Rakesh Pattanaik, Nauttam Bhanja, Sibhasish Sahoo, Deepak Behera, Biswabhusan Bihari, Alok Mangaraj, and Chinmay Sahoo.

Odisha Panthers: Ranjit Paikaray, Ankit Singh, Sparsh Somani, Alok Chandra Sahoo, Sidhant Jena, Pradeep Pradhan, Basant Mohanty, Abhishek Yadav, Chandramani Biswal, Subham Nayak, and Jayanta Behera.

After analyzing the last matches of the teams, we get that Odisha Panthers has more chances to win the subsequent match because all the players in the teams are playing in the form. As everyone knows, both the teams already giving their fantastic performances in the matches in which they continue trying to maintain their winning strike in the matches. The winning probability of Odisha Panthers is much more than Odisha Lions because all the players are very well-prepared for the ensuing competition. So, if you want to keep your identity up to date then keep in touch with us.


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